Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Happy Happy

I trust you all had a spectacular holiday!

We just had the last of our family escape our premises so it's just us and the kids again. Tra la la.

I didn't actually FINISH knitting for Xmas so much as made plans TO KNIT for next year. This way I was able to let folks pick their yarn (STR) and pattern (socks or glittens) which I ultimately thought was a better idea. It was. I would NEVER have chosen the sock yarn colors that were selected--not that they were bad (far from) but I'm a lousy judge of color. So this was much MUCH better.

Now we're just spending the holiday weeks with our kids in tow. We have exactly zero plans, except that I'd like nothing more than to knit for the next two weeks.

Yeah, right...

The weaving is paused right now while we have a bunny in the house (I gave it my weaving's got feelings and the loom mostly doesn't). The knitting is on a new Cat Bordhi kick, so I'm finishing the second pair of baby booties. I think I can say without fear of being contradicted that she's a genius. I wish I had half the creativity that woman has. Woof!

Craftlit continues and I'm planning a few interviews for the rest of Frankenstein. So exciting!

But now, I'm going to go back and work more on that New Year's letter (might become the Valentines Day letter at this rate...) and see if I can sneak some knitting in...



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Anonymous said...

Bunny? Bunny? Yay! Our rabbit, Mrs. Peel (we have another named Steed, but he's definitely just a consort, not a ruler), is the brains of this outfit, and if yours is anything like ours....She's bossy, likes Bach, but bites your toes if you're too slow with the dinnerbowl.