Thursday, May 24, 2007

Hogwarts Friday Share-a-thon

From the Hogwarts SockSwap Blog:

  1. SHOW and TELL FRIDAY is to be posted on your blog, not the Hogwarts Sock Swap blog.
  2. If you don't have a blog you will not be able to participate. Sorry. I think this only affects one or two of you.
  3. 5 House points will be awarded to each participant.
  4. SHOW AND TELL FRIDAY will not be every Friday. We will have one more but I have not determined when.
  5. On your post you should give us a peek at your Hogwart socks-in-progress and tell us about the pattern you are using, the yarn etc. And, please link to the Hogwarts site to pique some interest for round TWO (sign-ups begin July 14).

In that vein, I will repost my pics plus some new things:

I got a nice skein of Tofutsies sock yarn for my pal and some (gorgeous!) Lantern Moon needles with a little carrying case! LOVE that!

And here's an attempt at a close-up of those freakin' gorgeous needles!

I'm working on the box, then I think I'll be sending the whole kaboodle off to my Hufflepuff buddy.In the meantime, here are my fave Hogwarts Buttons:


And some extra fun

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Jennifer said...

Wow- those socks are amazing! I almost wish I were a Hufflepuff! (I'm helping my mum, aka "socks for mum", aka Hogwarts Deputy Headmistress, total up the house points. I think I might also have been promoted to Ravenclaw prefect. Way to represent our house!)