Wednesday, January 31, 2007

It Is Finished

I have finished my Rogue Hoodie. I will post pics of it when I can get my DH to take a pic. However, let me for a moment demonstrate how close I came to total disaster:

That's how much yarn I had left.

I knitted both sleeves at the same time, and the pile on the right is the right hand sleeve's yarn, the pile on the left for the left.

Now, I HAVE more yarn, but that yarn was at my AZ home and I was in CA when I was finishing. I had (foolishly?!) packed in such a way so as to need to WEAR the sweater home if I was to fit everything in the suitcase.


There was a little pressure.

The fates were with me, though. I had enough yarn to finish the knitting AND the seaming.

With a little left for fixing holes/tears/snags.



mrspilkington said...

the colour is gorgeous! i've had that pattern sitting here for ages, one day it'll get done.

i did the meme wrong (of course!). sorry! it was fun, though. thanks!

madame_leiderhosen said...

What? No view of the entire cable-fest of a garment?!
Luscious shade of blue, though. You spun the yarn, too? Wow!