Wednesday, December 13, 2006

It's NOT a Matter of Opinion!

Listen to this. Listen to ALL of it, no matter how painful.

And I'm not good at math. Figuring out decreases is about the hardest math I've done for ages...but I knew enough to know that this is a very, very bad sign.

Have your children listen...for the future of the planet...listen and learn.


brenda said...

Okay, I'm not good at math either, but I still got it after, like 3 minutes, as opposed to 22 minutes!

Don't know if you watch Little Britain, but I half expected the customer service rep to say... Computer says, no. *cough*

Great fun, thanks for the link.

Jen Minnis said...

i had considered sending you this link when you first talked about the verizon math thing on CraftLit... but i talked myself out of it. i was usre you must have already seen it.

you can find the whole story, timelines, blog updates, etc at