Monday, March 20, 2006

Long Time No Blog...

Buried under work begins to describe the Olympics/post Olympics universe I've been in. There hasn't been a lot of anything fun, but there has been a lot of...everything else.
The other problem is the basic lack of sleep afforded me by my 2 year old. I don't know WHAT is going on, but he's suddenly dependant on a plug (pacifier), screams at the drop of...a breath, and waking up constantly at night.
What fun!

So I hadn't even had time to post pics of my fun spinning day with Lucinda at KnittingSmith in Cold Spring!

To make amends--here is Lucinda with Penelope (okay, aren't their names just perfect for two fabu spinning babes?) fiddling with many wheels, lotsa fiber, and some yarn.

It was one of the truly great days I've had in months. Second only to the day I spent spinning with Lucinda and Linda up at Linda's (gorgeous!) lakefront home.


And here's some recent FOs:
A chemo cap for Georgia's mother in North Carolina (love that Chinchilla yarn!):

Socks for Sam's birthday:

Detail of the Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn:


Anonymous said...

Hehe, I just logged onto your site to see the Agony of Despair items. They are beautiful! I have oh... about 1 inch of garter stitch washcloth for my entry. Do you have awards for the least amount completed? I think I can compete in that category!!!!

Have you tried Dr. Karp's book or Tracey Hoag's book for your toddler? I think I understand mine better after reading those two books. (1 year old twin boys) Do you have white noise on in his room to make a noise buffer? It sure helped with mine...

Nancy the mostly exhausted and incoherent, but still glad she had her babies...

Heather said...

I did read them--innit Karp GREAT! I can't imagine what I'd be like right now WITHOUT Karp.
: )